About Us

About Us

Telangana Private Electrical Technicians Federation (TPETF) as known Greater Hyderabad Electrical Trade Union, We are pleased to inform you that the The Telangana Private Electical Technicans Federation which was newly born along with the state of Telangana and it was registered in Year 2014 with Hyderabad as Headquarters.

The main object of Telangana Private Electrical Technicians Federation is to provide good support for various private electrifications that who come from different districts of Telangana, and all over India to work in Hyderabad.

India is today home to 100 million citizens, each home, factories, industries need electricity without electricity there is development of our country, but the workers who do electrical works doesn’t have an security in life. The electrical safety in any domestic and industrial buildings is concern of the day and this area has become most neglected by all. The electrical workforce is lacking technical Skills and Knowledge. They don’t have knowledge of modern equipment tools and national standards. The workers are not getting good rates due to many reasons during day in & day out hardship. They are not aware of the Govt. schemes a support from the Labour Department.

Therefore union is an organization striving to disseminate the knowledge and skills of their profession.

Every private electrician should follow below two points

  1. Each and every electrician should be trained & certified in Wireman exam.
  2. Each and every electrician compulsory need to take membership in Workers Union.

Telangana Private Electrical Technicians Federation 4th anniversary meet

Y. Linga Reddy Gardens, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad – 500013


Telangana Private Electrical Technicians Federation 3rd anniversary meet

Ravindrabharathi, Saifabad, Hyderabad – 500004


Telangana Private Electrical Technicians Federation 2nd anniversary meet

Viktoria Gardens, Erragadda, Hyderabad – 500018


Telangana Private Electrical Technicians Federation 1st anniversary meet

Mothinagar Function Hall, Mothinagar, Hyderabad – 500045

Our Members



Sama Kondal Reddy
Y Venkateshwarlu
General Secretary

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