Benefits For Worker

As per the provisions of the Building & Other Construction Workers (RE&CS) Act, 1996, every building & construction worker registered as a beneficiary under this Act is entitled to avail benefits under various schemes formulated by TELANGANA State Private Electrical Technicians Union.

Presently the following welfare schemes are being provided to the registered construction workers

  1. Marriage Gift
  2. Maternity Benefit
  3. Fatal Accident Relief
  4. Disability Relief
    • a) Total Permanent Disability
    • b) Partial Permanent Disability
  5. Natural Death Relief
  6. Hospitalization relief
  7. Funeral Expenses
  8. Skill Development Training
  9. Vocational training to the dependents
  10. Relief to the unregistered workers
  11. Disability Aids & Appliances

For details please Click Here Welfare scheme..

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