Our Major Demands

Our Major Demands:

  • We request govt to provide 1000 sq.yards of land for construction of Private Electrical Office and provide the funding for the building construction.
  • E.S.I and P.F need to be provided for Private Electrical Workers.
  • Financial assistance (compensation) of Rs.10 lakhs to the deceased family for the accidental death of private electrician.
  • Financial assistance (compensation) of Rs.1 lakh to the deceased family for normal death of private electrician.
  • Electrician who crossed 50years age, A minimum pension of Rs.5,000/ – per month should be provided.
  • Providing credit for one lakh rupees to each private electrical carrier who registered in the Department of Labor.
  • Facilitate Double Bedroom Flats for electrical workers.
  • The Training centers which run by Government like NAC / Mepma / C.I.D.C. / Setwin issued Certificates need be seen equally by Wireman Certification.
  • Free training need to be provided for Wireman and Supervisor Exams which are conducted by government.

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